GrantBook does its best to learn from each project. At present, we try to do the following four things on a consistent basis:

  1. Premortems
  2. Kick Off Meetings
  3. Project Meeting Checkins
  4. Postmortems


The concept of premortems are gaining popularity with teams engaged in time-bound, project based work. Similar to a postmortem where a post-project evaluation is complete, a pre-mortem attempts to envision all the places where the project will likely go off track. This visualization/articulation exercise help imagine where roadblocks might appear and how they might be overcome. This is similar to an Olympic swimmer who envisions what happens IF their goggles fill up with water when they dive off the starting block. With enough preparation, they can train themselves to finish the race as best they can.



  • Client capacity and resources
  • Client clarity and vision/process
  • Client communication
  • Client perception/acceptance
  • Client/user technology skills
  • Executive management support
  • Spoiler/internal champion
  • Staff turnover

Budget & Work Plan

  • Deadlines
  • Scope change
  • Too few hours

Cloud Solutions

  • Build implementation
  • Prior experience
  • Product limitations
  • Technology adoption
  • User experience
  • Vendor Support


  • Clarity of process/assets
  • Clarity of project objectives
  • Clarity of team/client roles
  • Contract renewal/extension
  • GrantBook capacity
  • Point of Contact/Handoff
  • Scheduling/Communication


Bespoke engagements typically begin with a kick off meeting with key stakeholders to confirm the project objectives, timelines and deliverables. GrantBook wants to make a great first impression that also makes great use of busy foundation staff time.

Step 1: Draft agenda from pre-existing template (30 minutes)
Step 2: Send draft agenda with attachments to main contact to confirm date, time, and objectives
Step 3: Host session and ensure time is permitted for attendees to complete workshop survey

To meet this objective, GrantBook builds in steps where 80% of attendees ‘strongly agree’ about the following questions*:

  • Was the agenda well designed?
  • Was the session well facilitated?
  • Was the session a good use of your time?
  • Are the next steps of the project clear?
  • Are you leaving with one practical idea?
  • Was the session the right length?


Twice a month, the team comes together for a short project status meeting update where project team members comment on the status of the project. To keep things informative and action oriented, project managers are asked to share:

  • One big insight since the project has commenced
  • Two milestones that the project is approaching or course corrections they are making
  • One big question that the team is facing or seeking feedback


At the conclusion of a project, team members are asked to take part in postmortem that will allow us to improve future projects through collecting feedback from clients:

Step 1: Ensure documents are properly names, stored in Google Drive/Box and accessible
Step 2: Update project close date in appropriate spreadsheets, Salesforce.com and project planning tool
Step 3: Send post project survey to staff