Proposal Writing

Really great things happen when Proposals and Statements of Work are properly scoped. We only get better at them the more projects we complete and how well we discuss what is working, what is not and incorporating new ideas in active projects. The more sophisticated we get conducting research, confirming needs with clients, and engaging your team members will continue to produce better Bespoke, Inside and Implementation contracts. While your colleagues in Business Development will take the lead on preparing and sending out proposals, we encourage all team members to weigh in.

Step 1: Create Contact, Accounts and Opportunities in
Step 2: Conduct general web research (30 minutes to 2 hours – this task ALWAYS produces insight)
Step 3: Organize initial web research using our internal templates
Step 4: Make a copy of the most relevant proposal templates for Bespoke, Inside or Implementation Services
Step 5: Use our folder and file naming convention to organize files, photos, reports in the right place and easy to share/find
Step 6: Schedule a discovery phone call or meeting
Step 7: Take copious notes during an in-person meeting or phone call (30 minutes to 1 hour)
Step 8: Ask 1 to 2 other colleagues to review and comment on draft
Step 9: Sleep on the proposal for 1 business day (unless it needs to ship right away)
Step 10: Send the proposal to the client and follow-up until we can determine if we are proceeding or not
Step 11: If proceeding, get signatures, change project status, and prepare kick off events