Clients demand value for money. They want to know that we are capable of delivering high-quality work that is on-time and budget. Also, GrantBook needs to know if we are resourcing ourselves properly, scoped our projects appropriately.
Like all high performing professional service firms, tracking time and tasks is critical. GrantBook continues to right-size our project management. There are a few key terms that all GrantBook employees are required to pay attention to, especially for clients work. These are:


You are required to help document and substantiate the value GrantBook is providing our clients. This can come in the form of cost savings or better use of time.


You are required to thoroughly document all the tools that a foundation is using, event if it is not one that we’ve provisioned. If you are a project manager assigned to a client, then you must keep our records up to date. This is really important for us to see trends as they are emerging.


 You are required to track time in X minute increments. This includes providing a few brief comments for each time entry. We have invested in a time-tracking widget that should make it very easy for you to add a completed task from your computer or phone. This allows us to report real-time results to our clients plus allow us to anticipate underages or overages.