GrantBook’s work is built around user stories. To better understand the organizations we work with, we dreamed up a fictional foundation, affectionately referred to as XYZ Foundation, and conjured up 8 staff members whose responsibilities line up with many of the real-world philanthropy professionals we work with on a daily basis. Please familiarize yourself with this list of characters. Doing so will equip you to hit the ground running when you meet with the staff of GrantBook’s actual clients.

Established in 2001, the XYZ Foundation has $65 million in assets. The XYZ Foundation has a goal to advance youth entrepreneurism in North America. In a networked funding model, the XYZ Foundation will be providing grants and low interest loans to support entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurial programs across arts & culture, resilient economy and products/services promoting healthy lifestyles. The size of the grants and loans will vary depending on the financial need and potential impact of the ventures ($5,000 to $250,000).

Grants will be available to qualified nonprofits and charities while loans will be available to for-profit enterprises (see FAQs).  Grants to external entrepreneurial programs are typically larger than grants to business and engage external reviewers to help decide which of the many programs to support. XYZ Foundation will also host one annual gathering per year, inviting their network to celebrate past successes and discuss future opportunities.

  • Alicia, the President and CEO
  • Frasier, VP of Finance
  • Amelia, Communications Officer
  • Fernando, Seed Grants
  • Trinity, Growth Grants
  • Alana, Social Finance Manager
  • Sergei, Office Administration & IT
  • Quinn, Board Member


Seed Grants

Growth Grants

Partner Grants

Low-Interest Loans*

Program Area Grants Grants Grants Mission Related Investments
Application Intake Year Round October 1st & May 1st October 1st & May 1st Year Round
Decision Making Time 6 weeks by staff 1 week with reviewers 1 week with reviewers 8 weeks by staff
Amount $5000 to $15,000 $25,000 to $50,000 $100,000 $50,000 to $250,000
# of Approvals/Year 50 25 10 10
Time Horizon one year Up to three year renewals Up to five year renewals Up to five years
Reporting Quarterly check on self-reporting & short survey Quarterly check on self-reporting & medium survey Quarterly check on self-reporting & long-form survey Quarterly check on self-reporting as needed
Application preparation 5 hours 7 hours 14 hours 20 hours
Staff review/app 2 hours 7 hours 40 hours 25 hours/year
Committee review/app 30 mins 30 mins 1 hour
Once the complete Can apply again to Seed Grant or move onto Growth Grants One Year ‘Breather’Can re-apply again after Open for discussion Debt retired