Meet Amelia. She leads the Board communication and social media support for the XYZ Foundation. Amelia works closely with her Foundation colleagues to know who has received support, what events team members will be attending and what other sector partners are planning/doing. She also is responsible for helping Alicia engage with the board. She has a keen eye for detail and knows the communication habits of her board. Based on how they want to receive information, Amelia prepares dashboards and reports that help the management team and board understand their impact.

Leading up to a board meeting:

  • Works with Alicia to prepare board agenda and supporting material including budgets and policies
  • Works with grants team to prepare documents for discussion and approval
  • Assist with note taking during meetings

After a board meeting:

  • Drafts an e-newsletter that summarizes the granting decisions
  • Updates the list in the e-newsletter campaign solution
  • Updates the website with grants and other recent news

General Data Management Tasks:

  • Manages CRM database so the CEO and her colleagues have contact information in her phone
  • Schedules meetings with current and potential collaborators