Meet Daphne. She is the XYZ Foundation’s consultant building its developmental evaluation methodology. She has years of experience working with third sector groups to translate how to monitor and evaluate granting. As a long-standing advisor to XYZ Foundation, Daphne has the trust and confidence of the grants staff. With a masters degree in developmental evaluation, she has considerable insight into how the XYZ Foundation can track the right activities, outcomes and impact. Her ‘framework’ has been adopted by the board and management. The XYZ Foundation now wants to operationalize it.

She must be able to:

  • Provide XYZ Foundation staff with tools, training and resources to become familiar with the evaluation plan
  • Provide guidance on how grantees are meant to report back to the foundation
  • Provide ongoing support to analyze the results and findings
  • Share insights with XYZ Foundation staff and their stakeholders