Meet Frasier. He is the XYZ Foundation’s CFO. He is responsible for managing the day to day financial operations at the XYZ Foundation. He regularly is checking in with the grants team about current or future payments, logging into their online accounting software to reconcile transactions, processing invoices, and updating cash-flow spreadsheets. On a quarterly basis, Frasier also have a conference call with the XYZ Foundations investment advisors, including the Social Investment committee. He has to pay attention to:


  • Have visibility on how the Foundation’s assets are performing
  • Understand how much of the committed MRI assets are deployed
  • Based on the amount that is committed, monitor the portfolios planned vs actual rate-of-return
  • As loan-interest loans are repaid, the ability to deploy future capital
  • Produce reports and dashboards that can be used for Finance Committee & Board meetings


  • Once letter of agreements are counter-signed, payment schedule is automatically shared
  • Once payment schedule is in the accounting system, begin to make e-payments
  • As e-payments are deposited, track status of payments
  • As program officers make changes to grants management system (re: reports), make future payments

Operations and General Management

  • Build annual budgets for general operations including payroll and remittances
  • Get approval of budget from Finance/Board
  • Once in place, be able to track plan versus actual across investments, grants and general ops
  • As grants & loans are being disbursed,  liaise with communications team about sharing the news