Meet Sergei. He is responsible for assisting XYZ Foundation staff, in particular Alicia with her daily duties. On one day, Sergei can be ordering office and kitchen supplies or dealing with the company that provides internet and wifi. On other days, he is helping prepare for board and committee meetings that happen in the office. Other days, he is helping arrange travel arrangements for colleague staff traveling to conferences or other work activities. Because Sergei is also very tech savvy, he has been tasked to administer the user-name and password catalogue for all the different technologies that XYZ Foundation is using. Some of his duties include:

General IT & Office Administration

  • Responsible for Wifi in the office
  • Setting up the board room for in-person meetings or conference calls
  • Managing the conference phone and conference call systems
  • Helping troubleshoot hardware/software problems in the office
  • Archiving files across many systems
  • Adding/removing users, including within the grants management system