Meet Alana. She is responsible for managing the Social Impact Investment Portfolio (SIIP). The board has approved that between 5% to 10% of its assets can be invested in mission related vehicles such as social impact bonds or directly in businesses that meet very specific investment criteria. Alana has been working with the impact investing ecosystem to develop a strategy that provides above market returns but also meets the financing needs of qualified social purpose businesses.

As the SIIP is larger than the annual granting through the Seed and Growth funding programs, Alana must ensure she has built considerable controls to manage the portfolio. She’s worked with her finance team, investment partners, investees and her IT team to build a cost-effective and scalable method to share the performance of the portfolio. Alana is frequently asked to provide reports on the amount that has been committed versus what is deployed, plus what the anticipated rate of return, she has decided to publish a set of summary charts on the XYZ Foundation website. This has been able to improve her ability to meet with colleagues and discuss how to generate greater impact.